October 2018

A Timely Messenger - October 28, 2018

Pastor Eric Schroeder

Text: Revelation 14:6-7

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If I were a betting man, I would wager that all of us have a picture in our minds of what angels look like. If you were brought up learning Bible stories, maybe you can still remember the pictures of angels on the pages, whether it is Gabriel talking to Mary, or the angelic choir outside of Bethlehem, or an angel or two at the resurrection tomb. You can find countless examples of artistic renderings of angels in a wide variety of media, whether paintings, stained glass, mosaic or sculpture. So even if we haven’t had any confirmed angel sightings, we’ve seen enough images of angels to get a picture in our minds as soon as we hear the word.

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Godly Ambition - October 21, 2018

Pastor Kyle Bitter

Text: Mark 10:35-45

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Godly Ambition? There was a man who was a middle level executive at a decent sized company. He was known as a hard worker – a star on the rise if you will – and most things he put his hand to worked out pretty well. One day, he landed the second biggest contract in company history – producing one of the most profitable quarters on record. He was promoted for his hard work and success. Sadly, the deal he had struck could be considered somewhat unethical, but he knew that because of his reputation of success, no one would catch on anyway, so it didn’t really matter if that’s what it took to advance. 

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Just One More Thing - October 14, 2018

Pastor Schroeder

Text: Mark 10:17-27

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Maybe you’ve been there, sitting down for a steak dinner with all the fixings. After waiting long enough to get good and hungry, the plate is set down, and the aroma makes your mouth water. It looks great; it’s the perfect cut of meat, and then you pick up the knife to make the first slice . . . and it’s not the way you wanted it done. Whether you like it rare or you like it well done, picture the opposite. Almost perfect, except for the grilling.

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Illustrations of Faith - September 30, 2018

Pastor Joel Leyrer

Text: Mark 9:38-50

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Dear Friends in Christ, the Word of God we have before us today is multi-faceted and far-ranging. Jesus provides us with four individual lessons on the nature of true discipleship, all of which are important, any of which is worthy of a sermon in itself; each of which is worthy of personal application. For that reason, we’re going to look at all four of these ILLUSTRATIONS OF FAITH. But we’re going to have to do so in a bulleted, lightning round fashion. After that we’ll come back and concentrate on a particular truth embedded within one of them. So, without further introduction, let’s do just that.

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