October 2019

Jeremiah's Reformation Reminder

Pastor Joel Leyrer - Reformation - Sunday, October 27, 2019

Text: Jeremiah 31:31-34

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Dear Friends in Christ, In our often-overscheduled personal world, it’s become increasingly common to receive reminders of important upcoming events. So, we get “save the date” postcards for weddings or graduations or family reunions which we dutifully enter into our personal calendars or tack onto our refrigerator with a magnet. We receive text messages or phone calls reminding us that someone in our household has a doctor or dentist appointment in a day or two after which we often find ourselves saying: “Oh yeah, I forgot about that.”   

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It's Not Too Late

Pastor Eric Schroeder - Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost - Sunday, October 20, 2019

Text: Luke 16:19-31

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How do you feel about family reunions? For some of us, hearing the words “family reunion” reminds us of warmer weather, catching up with our cousins, having a big meal. I think back to seeing adults playing cards, kids playing with water balloons, and everyone generally having a good time. We might also be aware that for some people, the words “family reunion” send a shiver down their spine. Perhaps in their experience, years-old arguments flare up again, gossip rules the day, and everyone is more than happy to part until the next time…if there is one. So maybe there is some risk involved with designating a particular weekend of worship as a St. John’s family reunion. Some people might get warm and fuzzy feelings and look forward to it; while others find the terminology to be one more reason to avoid showing up.

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What Are You Worth?

Pastor Kyle Bitter - The Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost - Sunday, October 6, 2019

Text: Luke 15:1-10

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What are you worth? I’m guessing most people would probably initially answer that question by using some kind of “net worth” calculation where you add up your assets, subtract your debts, and see what’s left. But there are some more interesting options out there than that. If you were to divide up your body into the elements that it’s made up of and sell them at their current market rates, you’d find that you’re worth about $160 ( you want to take a more gruesome approach and sell your organs on the black market, you might find that if you’re in good health you’d be worth something in the tens of millions of dollars. If you wanted to approach the question in terms of earning potential, you might start with the fact that the average annual income in Wisconsin is about $50,000, so over a 45 year career you’d earn about $2.25 million, but that’s not perfect either because it doesn’t account for inflation. So, what are you worth?

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