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AV Technology Update

As discussed in the last Lamplighter, our AV upgrades include the installation of two video screens on the walls in the front of church. Slated to be installed in the next month, these screens will offer a major improvement for school chapel devotions, presentations from guest speakers, and after-service videos like the WELS Connection and St. John’s Spotlight. The architecture of St. John’s was carefully considered in the placement of these screens, and every effort was undertaken to make this necessary change as aesthetically unobtrusive as possible. Watch for more information on our planned use of these screens over the next several weeks.

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Thursday, April 22 & Saturday, April 24
We will celebrate with our 8th graders as they participate in the rite of confirmation. Although confirmation comes at the end of two years of catechism classes, it should always be viewed as a beginning, not an ending: a beginning of participating in the Lord's Supper and becoming an adult member of the church. Examination of the confirmands will take place on Thursday at 6:45 p.m., and the confirmation service will be held on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. Both services will be broadcast live for those unable to attend in person.

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Ascension Hymns

Through Sunday, May 2
At St. John's, it's a tradition to walk through the church year through Word and song at our Ascension worship service. Like we did last year, we want you to select the hymns. Click here for a list of hymns and to vote for your favorites by Sunday, May 2.Then join us for Ascension worship on Thursday, May 13, at 6:45 p.m. as we sing our congregational favorites from each season of the church year.

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New Bible Study: Survey of Romans

Beginning Sunday, April 11
Join us as Pastor Bitter works through a big-picture treatment of Paul’s letter to the Romans by focusing on major themes and the overarching flow of thought. Discussions will be drawn more from big-picture concepts than from individual verses. Participants will come away with a sense for the overall structure of the letter and an appreciation for the context in which many favorite Bible passages reside. Click here for class materials and video.

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By Scripture Alone Discussion Forum

Wednesday, April 14
By Scripture Alone is going strong in its fifth year, and we’re excited to bring back discussion forums! These forums are a wonderful way for By Scripture Alone participants to discuss what has been read so far. Please join us from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Click here to submit questions (in advance) to Pastor Schroeder.

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Continuing Face Covering Mandate

Through Friday, June 16
On Tuesday night, the Wauwatosa Common Council voted to extend the Wauwatosa face covering mandate through Friday, June 16. Therefore, face coverings will continue to be required at worship and Bible study. We appreciate your continued patience on this matter and your continued respect for our city

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Three Good Things That Will Happen in April

1. We will once again walk with our Savior to the cross and the empty tomb. In the midst of a world of uncertainty, we are blessed with a message that will never change: Jesus died and rose for you. We'd love to have you join us for worship! Click here to register for worship.

2. Our K3 & K4 students will present their Easter program. Some of the families enrolled in our early childhood program are not St. John's members, and this Easter program is a wonderful opportunity to share the Easter message with these families. Thank you to our Early Learning Center teachers for putting so much time into preparing and presenting this program!

3. We will celebrate with our 8th graders as they participate in the rite of confirmation. Although confirmation comes at the end of two years of catechism classes, it should always be viewed as a beginning, not an ending - a beginning of participation in the Lord's Supper and becoming an adult member of the church. 

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Two Good Things That Happened in March

1. Our AV upgrades continued with the installation of new video cameras in the church sanctuary. If you've been watching worship online, you've likely noticed crisper and clearer video, a wider variety of camera views, and upgraded hymn and Scripture reading graphics. Keep watching for more information on continuing AV upgrades!

2. We introduced an Online Connection Card. Intended to help maintain contact and relationships with those who are not able to be physically present at worship, this connection card is an opportunity for you to tell us that you've worshiped virtually with us. If you view a service online, we encourage you to fill out this connection card so that we have a record of your worship with us. 

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One Good Thing That You Might Not Know About

1. Planning is underway for our grade school Crusader Olympics day. After last year's cancellation, we're so excited to be able to hold this annual event again this year! In order to make Crusader Olympics happen, we need a large number of volunteersClick here for more information and to fill out a volunteer form.

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Holy Week & Easter Worship

As we walk with our Savior along the path to the cross that culminated at the empty tomb, we have a number of special Holy Week and Easter worship opportunities. Registration for Holy Week and Easter worship is now open. Click here to view the worship schedule, and click here to register for worship.

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