As we enter the season of Lent, St. John's will again be offering midweek Lenten services on Wednesdays at 3:30 and 6:45 PM. These midweek vesper services have been planned for the purpose of helping you to prepare your hearts as we walk the way of the cross with our Savior. Our theme this year is “Repent: Turn to Jesus.” Keep reading for service dates and themes...

  • March 1, Ash Wednesday
  • March 8, "Turn to Jesus: He Longs to Forgive You"
  • March 15, "Turn to Jesus; Do Not Turn Away"
  • March 22, "Turn to Jesus; He Changes Your Life"
  • March 29, "Turn to Jesus; He Holds the Key to Heaven"
  • April 5, "Turn to Jesus and Not to Yourself"

Please also join us for a fellowship meal between services.