1. We will celebrate Unity Sunday on Sunday, September 12. Our worship will look different again this year (worship at 8:00 & 10:30 a.m. rather than a single service). But in spite of the realities of life in this sinful world, the most important things remain the same: our common faith in Jesus, our common goal of being witnesses of this faith before a watching world, and our common final destination of heaven. Regardless of the turmoil and uneasiness around us, we still have reason to celebrate this Unity Sunday!

2. We will host the TosaFest chili & cupcake contest on Saturday, September 11. Whether or not you're a fantastic cook or baker, please consider entering your best pot of chili and/or your favorite batch of cupcakes! This event is a fantastic way for us to connect with the Wauwatosa community and reach out to people who might never otherwise visit St. John's. Click here for more details and to register.

3. We will kick off our slate of fall Bible studies. Large and small group studies; at church, in members' homes, and online; weekdays and weekends - there's something for everyone! We'll also be resuming Sunday school this fall for students in grades K3-7. Click here for more information, and especially watch for a schedule and sign-up for Sermon Study Growth Groups coming soon.