Congratulations to 13 students who participated in the Wisconsin Lutheran Principals' Conference Spelling Contest last Saturday.  Read the article below to see which 6 were in the top ten for their level. 

     Would you open your house to an International Student for the second semester?  We have a male 7-8 grade student who has applied for whom we need housing.  He would arrive January 6th to start his studies here at St. John’s.  All expenses are covered by a monthly stipend of $900.  Students participate in after-school sports if your child does.  Please contact me for more information if you would consider this opportunity.

     I want to encourage you to consider the Scrip Program.  We are trying to increase the use of this opportunity to help pay for things that are not included in the budget.  The scrip cards are available any time from the school office.  This week please consider buying Krispy Kreme, Chile’s or Burger King.  You get breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

     The results are in and posted in the Commons hallway.  If you want to see who is physically fit, you may read the wall or click here.  Thanks to those parents who made our Presidential Physical Fitness day a success.  You were there so you know we could not do this without your volunteer help.  As is true in so many ways, parent participation makes us a better school. Thanks.

     This week and next week are MAP testing (Measure of Academic Progress) weeks.  This testing process provides 3 check points each year to see how your child is progressing through grades 2-8.  It does not compare them to classmates, it compares their prior growth to their present level and sets goals for the next three months for the end of January testing.  Each test question is based on the success of answering the prior question, so the test adapts to each child’s abilities.  Please ask your child how they feel they are doing and encourage them to do their best.       

Thank God for His Blessings

~Mr. Uecker~