Last Tuesday night, our congregation called Mr. Nathan Schultz to be the principal of St. John’s in 2020.  Mr. Schultz is 37 years old and is currently serving in Hartford, WI as a vice-principal in our synod’s Principal Training Program.  He concludes that program this spring having earned his second master’s degree.  He is married and has three school aged children.  He has 14 years’ experience as a teacher/administrator.  Please include Mr. Schultz in your prayers.  Ask the Lord to meet his needs and ours through this call.

      THERE ARE TWO KINDS OF CONFERENCES COMING UP!  DON’T GET CONFUSED.  Last week you received a request to schedule a Parent-Teacher Conference for the first week of November.  Please help us schedule your conference at a time that is most convenient for you.  We do want to meet with every parent!  The basis of the conferences will be the 1st Quarter report card that will come out Thursday, Oct. 31st and the information from the MAP testing for the students in grades 2-8.  Upper grade parents, you may request multiple teachers if you have concerns for a teacher other than the home room teacher, but you are not required to meet with each teacher. 

    Tomorrow and Friday (October 25 and26) are the days of State Teacher’s Conference so remember there is NO school those days.  St. John’s Childcare will be open.

     Do you have some old shoes to get rid of?  YES, YOU DO!  Please stuff them in a plastic bag and drop them off in the box in the School Commons or by the Childcare entrance. 

Thank God for His Blessings

~Mr. Uecker~