Reminder, next week we have school Monday and Tuesday only.  Please take time to worship Wednesday night at 6:45 pm or Thursday at 10:00 am.  Enjoy your family and all the blessings the Lord has given through His church, our country and “sweet life” we lead.

     Please put Tuesday, Nov. 26th on your calendar as the date that we will extend a call to find a new principal for next year.  Our congregation will meet at 6:30 pm and will also elect new officers for the next year.  Please pray that God might grant us leadership through this call into the future of St. John’s educational ministry.  This night is also the congregation meeting to elect new officers for the coming year.  I want to thank outgoing Board of Ed chairman Pete Stauffer and Childcare Committee chair Adam Greggs.

     As your preparations for Thanksgiving build, please consider a special pause daily at bedtime for a “thank you” prayer for your children, and then again for yourself.  

     School Closings for weather are different this year!!!!!  We will not always close when MPS or WISCO close.  When cold weather causes the closings, we may choose to stay open.  We have no students standing in the cold waiting for buses, so we have changed our past practice.  We will send emails, announce on TV, and now also we will text school closings.

      Will you be shopping Kohl’s or Target on Black Friday?  Please consider using school scrip cards for the boost it gives our program.

     Students and parents, enjoy the opportunity to share your faith with students and parents of our companion schools and enjoy the competition as our teams compete in tournaments at Mt. Olive and Lamb of God.

Thank God for His Blessings

~Mr. Uecker~