Today, Mid-term Reports come home.  These progress reports are not part of the permanent record and are intended to allow you an occasion to discuss how things are going at school before a permanent grade is recorded.  It is a great opportunity to compliment excellent work and responsible behavior and urge continued effort.

     On Tuesday, Nov. 26th congregation extended a call to a new principal for next year, Mr. Landon Zacharyasz.  Mr. Zacharyasz is currently the Principal at Mt. Olive in Appleton, WI.  He has a master’s degree in Education and is married and with three children.  He has served nine years as a teacher and five years as a Principal in Appleton.  In a letter to our congregation acknowledging our call he requests your prayers.

     Also, Pastor Schroeder has received a call to serve as the President of Crown of Life Christian Academy in Fort Atkinson.  He, too, is looking for your prayers and encouragement.

     Our congregation also elected new officers for the next year.  Mr Casey Holtz was elected Board of Education Chairman and Mr. Dan Young and Mr. Troy Schulz were elected to the board.  Please pray that God bless their leadership of St. John’s educational ministry.  Thank you, Mr. Greggs and Mr. Stauffer, for your service!

     This week we began celebrating Advent with Wednesday services and Fellowship Meals.  Please make time in your schedule to accompany your children to these worship services.  We also ask that you let us know if you have made any special arrangements for your child at these services.  We ask that you meet your child at school.  We are trying to avoid groups of students sitting together unsupervised, as the group behavior might become distracting to others as they worship.

      Will you be shopping Kohl’s or Target?  Please consider using school scrip cards for the boost it gives our program.

Praise God for His Advent

~Mr. Uecker~