Dear Christian Parents,

Last week one of our younger students went home with a report about what he had learned in school that day. He told his mom about how he had learned about a guy and his goats. I chuckled a little bit at this response, but then it warmed my heart. St. John’s is here to tell you and your children about a guy and his goats – or rather about our Good Shepherd and his sheep! Jesus is our Good Shepherd. He leads us to the living water of His Word. He gave up his life to rescue us from sin, death and the devil.

Our graduates leave St. John’s well prepared for success in high school. Their instruction in math, reading, social studies and science along with opportunities in music, phy ed and art, really gets them ready for any high school that they might attend. But most of all, our students leave St. John’s with a firm understanding of who our God is and what he has done for us.

I’m sure there are many similar stories that you have from the first week of school. If you haven’t already done so, share them with your child’s teacher to let them know what a difference they are making! May God continue to bless our partnership of sharing the love that the Good Shepherd has for all of his little lambs!

Labor Day Weekend – No School

There will be no school on Friday, September 3, through Monday, September 6. Classes will resume on Tuesday, September 7. Have a great, safe weekend!


Teams and coaches have been preparing hard for their first games. The games will begin next week! Thanks to all of the coaches for their extra time to coach our students! Thanks also to parents who are making extra trips for practices and games. Soccer will be at Rainbow Park vs. St. Jacobi on Tuesday. Volleyball will be at Good Shepherd, West Bend, on Tuesday. Cross Country will be at Pilgrim, Menominee Falls, on Wednesday. See the athletic website by clicking here for more details about practice and game schedules.  Good luck Crusaders as your seasons begin next week!

Tuition and Extended Care

The first tuition payment for the year should have been made by now. If you have not set up your payments on Gradelink, please do so right away! If you have any trouble figuring out how to set up your payments, or if you have forgotten your login information, please let us know! Remember, payments are posted the Gradelink family account only after they’ve been received in St. John’s bank account. This could take a few days, so please be patient! Charges for extended care for the last week of August have also been posted to your account. Please add a note to your payment in Gradelink to let us know where to apply the payments.

Teacher Gifts

At St. John’s it has become customary to purchase class gifts for our teachers. That way the entire class can contribute to something a little bit nicer for the teachers. The Room Parents are responsible for purchasing these gifts, but the donations to pay for the gifts comes from all of the families. Room Parents will purchase a gift for the teachers on their birthday as well as for Christmas. If you haven’t already done so, you may make a contribution to the Teacher Gift Fund through Gradelink. Go to the Billing tab. Click “Pay Another Amount.” You can enter whatever amount you’d like to contribute to the teachers’ gifts. Just add a note that says what the payment is for. For example – TG - $25. Room Parents are beginning to make plans for these funds, so if you plan to make a contribution, please do so soon!

Hot Lunch

If your child has eaten hot lunch at all this year, you should notice charges appearing on your Gradelink account. There’s also a balance listed for each category – tuition, religion books, hot lunch, teacher gift, etc. in the Billing tab. Please note that a positive number next to each of those means that you owe something for that category. If the number is negative, then you have a credit. Please try to keep a credit balance (negative number) in your hot lunch account. To make a deposit or payment in your account, go to the Billing tab. Click on “Pay Another Amount.” You can enter whatever amount you want to put into your hot lunch account. Then add a note in the Notes section which tells who the payment is for and what category it is for. For example – HL - $20 for Dan. Remember, when you see the hot lunch balance as a positive number, that means that you have used  up your balance, and it’s time to make a payment. As always, just let me know if you have questions or need assistance!

Religion Books

Those who purchased a Bible or Catechism should see a charge on your Gradelink account. To see the charges, go to the Billing tab, and click on “Current Activity”, last month’s date (August 2021) or Y-T-D to get a PDF with the summary of activity on your account. It should list charges, credits and payments. If your child has received a religion book, please make that payment at your early convenience. Please add a note to tell us what the payment is for. For example – Bible - $10 for Susie. If you need to purchase a book and have not done so, please let us know that as well.

Grandparents’ Day

We are hoping to celebrate Grandparents’ Day on Friday, October 8! More details will be coming, but our current plan is to have Grandparents’ Day in the afternoon on that day. Please let your child’s grandparents know so that they can put it on their calendars!

Once again, I hope that you have a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable Labor Day weekend!