Dear Christian Parents,

At the beginning of summer, my wife planted two tomato plants next to our house. One was Roma and the other was the little ones – grape? Well, it didn’t take long for the rabbits to find them, and they ended up nibbling the grape tomato plant down to a single little stem sticking out of the ground. I didn’t want to give up on it, so I started watering. In Germantown where we live, June was pretty dry, so I started making it my routine to go out on the patio after supper and water the plants. Pretty soon there were little leaves growing out of that little green stem. By mid-July, it was looking like it would be worthwhile to put a tomato cage over the top of the plant. I was still watering, but maybe not quite as often. And then something happened. 

I can’t explain it, and I’ve never seen anything like it. That tomato plant exploded! I mean it grew crazy fast! Soon it had covered the five feet between it and the house. It had also covered the four foot sidewalk on the other side. And there were literally thousands of little tomatoes growing on it. Now it’s easily 12 feet across, and the squirrels are enjoying some of the tasty tomatoes. There’s no way that all of the tomatoes that are on there will ever ripen before the first frost, but we’ve harvested quite a crop already! Here's what it looked like over a month ago:

Each of us was once like that little stem of a tomato plant. Actually, for us it was worse. We were dead. Dead in our sins. But God didn't give up on us. He offered up his son to save us from our sins. He nurtured us through baptism and his Word. He put Christians in our lives - parents, pastors, teachers, friends - to encourage us and keep us growing to the point of producing fruit! What does that fruit look like? It's our lives of thanks and service to him, it's love for him, and it's a desire to keep his commands!

Brewers’ Spirit Day
Our Milwaukee Brewers begin the post-season tomorrow as they are hosting the Atlanta Braves. To show our support, we’re encouraging our students to wear their Brewers’ clothing, or the clothing of their favorite sports’ team on Friday, October 8.

Shorts’ Season
As I mentioned last week, please remember to check the forecast before allowing your child to wear shorts to school. The forecasted high temperature should be 70 degrees or above. It looks like we’ll have a few of those in the next week or so, but be prepared for the colder weather ahead!

Being a Christian Kid in the Electronic Age
Children from age 8 through age 18 and their parents or caregivers are invited to attend this presentation in the church basement on Wednesday, October 20, from 6:30-7:30 PM. There will be babysitting provided for younger children. This is a timely message for our parents and their children, and it will be presented from a Biblical Christian worldview. The presenter, Laura Reinke, is a counselor with Christian Family Solutions. There is no cost for parents or children to attend this event, and no sign-up is required.

Wisconsin State Teachers’ Conference
The teachers of our Synod in the state of Wisconsin will gather at Wisconsin Lutheran High School on Thursday and Friday, October 28-29, for our state Teachers’ Conference! There will be no school or preschool at St. John’s on October 28-29. There will be child care on those two days, but due to limited staff, the enrollment will be limited. Please see the note from Miss Wendland about how and when to sign up to have your child in child care those two days.

Family Directory
A 2021-2022 School Family Directory is available on Gradelink. You’ll find a PDF on the Communicate tab. Click on the directory and save or print your own directory. There will be a limited number of printed directories available in the office.

Changing Gym Lights
We are going to be replacing the light bulbs in the gym. If you are good with climbing scaffolding and have some time to help, please let me or Mr. Leyrer know! We hope to get the scaffolding set up today and get the lights changed by Monday.

Hot Lunch and Extended Care Payments
This is your weekly reminder to be sure to check the “Billing” tab on your Gradelink account. It’s important to watch for charges/updates on your account. On the billing tab, you should see balances for each type of charge – hot lunch, tuition, extended care, etc. If those numbers are positive numbers, that means that you have a balance due to pay. Once you make a payment, it may take up to a week for the payment to be posted to your account. Please be patient! Remember, hot lunch charges are posted daily; extended care are posted twice a month. In your billing tab, click on “Pay another amount.” Then please put a note in the Notes box to tell us what the payment is for.

COVID Update
There are currently no cases of COVID among our students or staff that I am aware of! Praise God! Thanks for your cooperation during the last few weeks when we’ve had to quarantine students. Thanks, once again, to the teachers who did double-duty to teach the class in front of them as well as those who were joining online. We are thankful to have the students back in the classroom!

Mission Festival
St. John’s Lutheran Church will be celebrating Mission Festival on Sunday, October 10. As part of the mission festival, we will be having a presentation about the Ukrainian Lutheran Church in the afternoon on Friday, October 8.