Mission & Vision/Strategic Plan

As God's people gathered together at St. John's, we live to declare the praises of our Savior God who called us out of the darkness of sin into the light of his grace.

The following are the goals we will pursue and the attitudes we will embrace as we strive to fulfill our mission between now and 2025...

    Making worship of our Savior the top priority in our lives
  • St. John’s will strive to conduct regular worship services where the gospel message of grace, salvation, and new life is the predominant focus, where people are allowed and encouraged to use their God-given gifts to give glory to their Creator and to enhance the worship atmosphere of their fellow believers, and where our connection to the one holy Christian and apostolic Church is celebrated. St. John’s will strive for worship to be excellent through preaching and music and accessible to all, as we expect that we will have inquirers and unbelievers join us in worship regularly. St. John’s will also encourage members to view their lives outside of church as a continual expression of worship. 

    To become this, we will…

    1. Provide opportunities that allow youth - grade school, high school, and beyond - to be appropriately involved in worship services.
    2. Investigate ways to optimize the worship space to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.
    3. Examine ways to promote congregational singing in festival worship services.  
    4. Explore ways to make worship more accessible using technology.
    5. Consider ways to intentionally connect sermons with other ministry initiatives. 
    6. Retain our rich heritage of Lutheran worship and look for appropriate ways to incorporate new forms and settings.  
    7. Monitor the length of worship services with consideration for the whole Sunday morning schedule.   
    8. Evaluate our current worship schedule and explore the need for additions or revisions.
    Growing in our faith through daily contact with God's Word
  • St. John’s will strive to move members of all ages to grow in their understanding of holy Scripture and their life-long relationship with Christ by providing tools and opportunities to grow in knowledge and understanding of the Lord as revealed in Scripture. St. John’s will operate a Childcare and a K3-8th grade Lutheran Elementary School that prepare our students for a life-long relationship with Christ. 

    To become this, we will…
    1. Promote online Bible study options where available and appropriate. 
    2. Strengthen our congregation’s commitment to college age members through regular correspondence and assistance connecting with nearby WELS ministries.
    3. Consider space requirements for growing our Childcare program as part of our facility master plan. 
    4. Explore the possibility of lay-led small group Bible studies and provide training and guidance as needed. 
    5. Create and develop additional Sunday morning Bible studies and give members a variety of ways to request topics on a regular basis.
    6. Promote our K3-8th grade Lutheran Elementary School as a place where Christian character is built alongside academic excellence. 
    7. Strengthen faculty spiritual growth in conjunction with the pastoral staff. 
    8. Seek teen input into the organization and content of the Sunday morning teen Bible study. 
    Fostering Christian friendships for mutual support and encouragement
  • St. John’s will strive to cultivate a spirit of participation in the community of a Christian congregation through mutual support and encouragement as brothers and sisters in Christ. St. John’s members have been moved by the gospel to demonstrate love not just for their fellow members, but for all their neighbors by striving to meet the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of their neighbors in our community as God gives them the opportunity and ability to do so, all in keeping with God’s instruction that his followers “do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers” (Galatians 6:10). 

    To become this, we will…
    1. Regularly seek out and evaluate opportunities to participate in community events and partner with community institutions and groups as beneficial and appropriate. 
    2. Prioritize fellowship space and parking when considering future facility improvements and develop a parking plan for the St. John’s campus.
    3. Provide opportunities to foster and strengthen relationships among members who share interests but come from different age groups, especially those who are not organically connected to our school (such as seniors, empty nesters, public school families, and young professionals).
    4. Cultivate an awareness of and involvement in joint ministry opportunities that include both our Chinese and English ministries. 
    5. Maintain contact with alumni and offer opportunities to support and participate in our K3-8th grade Lutheran Elementary School ministry. 
    Using our unique gifts to glorify God and serve God's people
  • St. John’s will strive to equip and encourage members of all ages to lead lives of sanctified service to God through their God-given vocations in their daily lives. St. John’s will further equip and encourage members to use their God-given gifts in formal service to their Savior through involvement and ownership of the ministry at St. John’s. St. John’s will also operate an excellent Childcare and K3-8th grade Lutheran Elementary School in service to families both in our congregation and in the Wauwatosa community. 

    To become this, we will…
    1. Encourage a culture of family service by offering family members of all ages opportunities to serve together.
    2. Keep members informed of and invested in service opportunities by regularly sharing a brief summary of the current work being done by the elected boards and their committees.  
    3. Create a dynamic, easy-to-update communication mechanism for upcoming service opportunities.
    4. Explore the feasibility of adding a volunteer coordinator to the staff (volunteer or paid).
    5. Develop a central clearinghouse for compiling potential service opportunities both at St. John’s and in the Wauwatosa community.
    6. Strengthen youth ministry by giving our youth opportunities to serve others both in the Wauwatosa community and in our congregation. 
    7. Inspire all members to prioritize and participate in service at St. John’s and in the community by providing training to help members identify their gifts and develop the confidence to use them.  
    Sharing the good news of God's forgiving love with others
  • St. John’s will strive to reach the lost, the unchurched, and the de-churched with the gospel of Jesus Christ for the creation and strengthening of saving faith. These efforts will be shared by called workers and laity alike. Evangelism will be carried out corporately through congregational efforts, our Childcare, and our K3-8th grade Lutheran Elementary School. Evangelism will also be carried out personally by training members to share their faith with the individuals God brings them into contact with and by preparing the next generation of students to proclaim the gospel message in their lives. 

    To become this, we will…
    1. Investigate targeted and creative ways to reach the new community of people moving into our immediate ministry area. 
    2. Foster a mindset that sees evangelism as a personal and urgent mission from our Savior.
    3. Leverage our prominent location on a busy intersection through attractive and informative signage. 
    4. Intentionally view inactive and former members as an evangelism field worthy of the same attention given to prospects. 
    5. Prioritize a welcoming atmosphere for guests in future facility improvements. 
    6. Equip members for participation in evangelism by regularly informing them of evangelism work led by the Board of Outreach, by providing quality resources to use for invitations to events and ministries at St. John’s, and by evaluating options for an ongoing training program in evangelism.
    7. Regularly evaluate opportunities to incorporate new media and technology platforms into our ministry. 
    8. Refine and coordinate the process of collecting information from church, school, and childcare prospects.