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April 2018

We've been hearing the good news that Jesus died to take away our sins and that he rose from the grave on Easter. We also are reading about what happens when winter turns into spring. Our number for April is eight. We are learning about octagons which have eight sides like a stop sign. We made an octopus because it has eight arms and enjoyed the story Tickly Octopus

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February 2018

Jesus showed love by doing miracles to help people and teaching them about God. We will exchange Valentines, play games and sing songs about hearts. We will read "pink" stories and our art activities will include the letters Q, R, and S. 

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In January we're learning about things that begin with the letters M, N, and O. During Jesus time we will hear how Jesus did miracles to show that He is God's Son our Savior. We'll read stories about black and white animals including penguins and polar bears. 

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December 2017

In December, we hear how God sent an angel to prepare Mary and Joseph for the birth of the Savior.  Later, God sent an angel messenger to the shepherds to announce Jesus' birth.  Our shape for December is the star.  God used a special star to tell the Wise Men that that Savior of the world had been born.

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November 2017

What are we thankful for in childcare?  All of God’s wonderful children!  We will be learning about “Thanksgiving Traditions”, the color brown, and find out if the “Three Little Kittens” ever found their mittens. We also made houses for the letter “H” using different shapes.  In “Jesus Time” we are hearing Old Testament stories about how God ALWAYS takes care of his people then and now.

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