Wisconsin Lutheran High School

One of the great blessings of St. John's Lutheran School is the uniquely Christian perspective we provide to our students. Every subject in our grade school curriculum is taught through the lens of our Christian faith.

As a member congregation of the Wisconsin Lutheran High School Conference, we view the ministry of Wisconsin Lutheran High School (WLHS) as a continuation of the Christian education offered at St. John's. The WLHS Conference consists of 53 congregations and 30 grade schools who support WLHS with their talents, prayers, and offerings. 

For over 50 years, Wisconsin Lutheran High School has provided secondary-level education for the children of families who desire a Christ-centered education. Many WLHS students are graduates of a Conference grade school. The purpose of WLHS has always been to educate the layperson and train students for whatever comes after graduation, whether that is the work force, college, or the military. 

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