Sermon Study Growth Groups
St. John's strives to move members of all ages to grow in their understanding of holy Scripture and their lifelong relationship with Christ by providing tools and opportunities to grow in knowledge and understanding of the Lord as revealed in Scripture. Growth Groups are a new opportunity to connect with Christian friends and gather together around God's Word in a more informal setting.

Hosted and led by St. John’s members, Growth Groups are designed to provide a comfortable setting for more intimate fellowship and spiritual discussion than is possible in a large-group Bible study. Each week, we'll discuss a Bible study based on the previous Sunday's sermon. Growth Groups are a great way to deepen your walk with Christ! 

For more information and materials, check out our FAQ below. Click here for all the information on Spring 2022 Growth Groups and to register!

Frequently Asked Questions
    Who can participate in St. John's Growth Groups?
  • Anyone who wants to! Growth Groups are intended for all confirmed members of St. John's to get connected to fellow Christians and grow in the grace and knowledge of their Savior. While we want everyone to benefit from this Bible study opportunity, participation will always be voluntary.
    What happens at a Growth Group Bible study?
  • The members of the group spend time socializing and getting to know each other. They also discuss the previous week’s sermon in a one hour Bible study using interactive discussion questions. Group members are encouraged to download the Bible study worksheet in advance, but this is not required. 
    How often will Growth Groups meet? How long will each session last?
  • We know that life is busy! Therefore, groups will meet once a week for approximately six weeks over this fall. Each meeting will last approximately 90 minutes. We want this to be more than just another entry in your calendar. Through this September and October once-a-week commitment, we pray that you will find comfort and encouragement in gathering together around God's Word in fellowship and study with the same small group.
    What about children? Is childcare provided?
  • The facilitator of each group will indicate whether childcare is provided. If you are interested in joining a Growth Group but do not see a childcare option, please ask your facilitator - arrangements may be possible. 
    How large will the groups be?
  • Growth Groups will generally be from 7–12 people, depending on how many couples or singles are in the group.
    Where and when will groups meet? Who will facilitate each group?
  • Click here for schedules and locations for this fall's Growth Groups. If you are interested in hosting and/or facilitating a group, click here to e-mail Pastor Eric Schroeder.
    What will the groups be studying?
  • Each week's study will be based on the previous Sunday's sermon, with themes coming from the our sermon series on the theme "Christians, Go Out!" Click here for a full schedule for Fall 2021 Growth Groups. 
    How much preparation is required?
  • Not too much! If you attended church or watched the sermon online, you're prepared for the week's study.
    What happens when the fall session is over?
  • Depending on interest and the willingness of members to host/facilitate, we're hoping to offer three or four Growth Group sessions throughout the year. The St. John's Board of Discipleship will re-evaluate after the fall session and determine if and when the next Growth Group session will run. (But if your group is interested in continuing after fall, Pastor Schroeder would be happy to work with you to find your next set of study materials.)
    How can I get involved?
  • We're so glad you asked! Click here for all the information on this fall's Growth Groups and to register.