For the Generations to Come
For the Generations to Come: The Church in 21st Century America
Led by Pastor Kyle Bitter
Beginning April 19, 2020

We’ve probably all seen the numbers. Christianity in America (and in our Wisconsin Synod) is in the midst of a substantial numeric decline – and the rate of decline has been increasing. What can Christians do? What should Christians do? What does God want us to do? Pastor Jon Hein tackled all these questions – and more – in his plenary address at last summer’s Synod Convention. Led by Pastor Bitter, this online Bible study will watch segments of Pastor Hein’s presentation and discuss applications to church life at St. John’s. As in the previous online Bible study, text-in comments and questions are encouraged. Things might be unusually quiet right now, but that makes this an excellent time to plan for seizing the opportunities God has placed before us when society starts to reopen.

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