A Punch in the Gut

A Punch in the Gut
Taught by Chaplain Steve Stern
September 19 - October 31, 2021
(no class October 10)

All of us know that unexpected things can happen to us.  Like a punch in the gut, we can experience a major health crisis or accident that changes our lives in an instant.  As we reel from the effects of such an experience, we may find ourselves struggling physically, emotionally, and spiritually as we try to recover our bearings.  How do we find our way in these times?  How do we gain new insights into our faith?  How does what happens to us affect those around us?
In addition to unexpected things that happen to us personally, there are also the unexpected things that happen to our relationships with those we hold near and dear such as suicide, loved ones caught up in addictive behaviors, divorce, or an unexpected loss of a loved one.  How do we cope with such pain and how do we respond to those who have caused us this pain?
Join Chaplain Steve Stern in this bible study as he uses his own personal experience and his experience as a chaplain to explore these themes.  As Chaplain Stern shares his experiences, he will also invite members of the class to share their experiences so that together the class can gain all the wisdom and insights that God’s people gain from a life time of living under God’s grace.

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