Welcome to St. John's!

Dear Friends in Christ,

Scripture repeatedly reminds us of the blessings God gives His people. Of all the blessings He has given you, your children may be your most precious. It is my privilege to work with you to bring your children up in the understanding and instruction of our Lord.

It is the hope of St. John's Lutheran School and Church that together we will build a body of believers who praise God's holy name and will share His love and expectations with the world in which we live. We hope that through our instruction your child will see what happens in life as part of a design our Heavenly Father has for each of us. 

Each of the subjects in our school curriculum is presented through the eyes of Christian teachers and discussed in ways that emphasize the importance of God's commands. Through our extracurricular activities, we teach the principles of Christian interaction in academic preparation and on the athletic field.

It is our hope and desire to share the responsibility God has given you in the person of your child. We pray you will grant us that privilege.

In the Service of God,
Scott Uecker, Principal

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