St. John's is blessed with the following dedicated, experienced teachers.  Our teachers work in cooperation with parents to create a safe, caring community in which all students develop academically, spiritually, socially and physically.  To learn more about our teachers, please click on each of their names.

For an email directory of faculty and staff, please click here.

Scott Uecker
8th Grade & School Principal
E-mail Mr. Uecker


Christine Rindfleisch
7th Grade
E-mail Mrs. Rindfleisch


David Leyrer
6th Grade & Athletic Director
E-mail Mr. Leyrer



Beth Wittig
5th Grade
E-mail Mrs. Wittig


David Allerheiligen
4th Grade
E-mail Mr. Allerheiligen



Mandy Treder
3rd Grade & School Music Coordinator
E-mail Miss Treder


Renee Pastorek
2nd & 3rd Grades
E-mail Mrs. Pastorek


Lisa Festerling
1st & 2nd Grades
E-mail Mrs. Festerling


Terry Buske
1st Grade & School Music Accompanist
E-mail Mrs. Buske


Dana Leyrer
E-mail Mrs. Leyrer


Rita Allerheiligen
E-mail Mrs. Allerheiligen


Keith Hackbarth
Upper Grade Science, Spanish and Administrative Support
E-mail Mr. Hackbarth


Andrew Duncan
Special Education
E-mail Mr. Duncan


Naomi Stein
E-mail Mrs. Stein


Leslie Campbell
E-mail Mrs. Campbell


Carrie Henning
E-mail Mrs. Henning