David Leyrer

Serving St. John's since August of 1995
Teaches 8th grade and oversees the athletic program at St. John’s.


  • Bachelor of Science in Education - Dr. Martin Luther College, New Ulm, Minnesota
  • Specialties: Mathematics & Athletic Administration

Goals and Philosophy:
To assist parents in carrying out their God-given responsibility by:

  • training the children in the knowledge of their Savior Jesus Christ.
  • sharing with them the comfort of God’s love and forgiveness.
  • assuring them that they are children of God through faith in Christ.
  • guiding them in their spiritual, academic, and physical development.

Vision for the Future:

  • To continue in and build upon current ministry.
  • To improve the overall athletic program at St. John’s by:
    • encouraging and motivating more students to participate in athletics.
    • promoting Christian fellowship with other schools.
    • making sure that all athletes are properly prepared with the necessary skills for the next level of competition.
    • giving students more opportunity to use their physical abilities and athletic gifts (e.g. sports camps, intramurals, etc.).
    • emphasizing the important skills of teamwork, dedication, commitment, discipline, and stewardship of healthy bodies.

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