About Our School

St. John's Lutheran School exists to prepare our children for a lifelong relationship with Christ, proclaim the gospel message, and provide excellence in education in order to equip students for life and eternity.

Our school is our congregation’s witness to God’s love, a special place where children experience, learn of and grow in that love. Our school is an extension of our congregation, leading and equipping our children to grow in their faith as life-long servants and disciples of their Savior. Our school is a partner to our homes, assisting and encouraging our parents and community in the God-given responsibility to “train up a child in the way he should go.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Our challenging academic curriculum is reviewed and updated continuously. This ensures that St. John's maintains high standards of academic excellence. Our curriculum is further reviewed by two accrediting agencies for adherence to national and state standards.

Student/Teacher Ratio
A student/teacher ratio of 19:1 allows teachers to assess each child's strengths and needs and provide individualized attention.

Test Scores
St. John's students consistently perform well above national and state averages on standardized test scores. Currently, MAP testing allows us to track each child's growth through an individualized net based testing program.

Financial Assistance
St. John's Lutheran Church extends financial assistance via the Theodore Lau Tuition Assistance Fund. This fund will cover up to half of the tuition expense of any member family. Extreme circumstances are taken into account on a case-by-case basis. Click here for more information about the Lau Fund.

Curriculum Philosophy and Goals of St. John’s Lutheran School

The study of the true God as He has revealed Himself in the Holy Bible.  St. John’s students learn of God through the historic account of God’s creation, the study of God’s Word through a topical arrangement, and through the incorporation of daily prayer and song.
The study of numbers, quantities, shapes, and measurements and how they relate to each other. This includes the study of arithmetic, geometry, and algebra.
The study of combining tones to create pleasing, expressive, or intelligible sounds to equip each child with the ability to appreciate music and worship of the Lord with composition, voice, and instruments.

The visual and hands on study of the various works of man developed by drawing, painting, and sculpture to assist each child in their appreciation and expression of the beauty of God’s creation.
The study of nature and the physical world by testing, experimentation, and measuring to equip each child with the knowledge of God’s creation, and to appreciate His orderliness.  Students will understand their role on earth and gain the ability to discern between theory and truth.
Social Studies
The study of human relationships and the way society works, including: history, government, geography, and citizenship to equip each child with the ability to show love to their neighbors, appreciate other cultures, recognize the role of the government in God’s plan, understand their role in God’s plan, and identify the importance of cooperation in society.
Physical Education
The training and care of the body through fitness, sports, games, and interscholastics to equip each child to be a good steward of the body given by God to develop skills, coordination, fitness, and teamwork for lifelong service to the Lord.
Language Arts
The study of subjects that aim to develop the students’ skills for good oral and written communication, including: reading, spelling, listening, speaking, and composition to equip each child with the skills necessary to study God’s Word, share the message of salvation, and effectively communicate as Christian leaders in society.

St. John's Lutheran School has classrooms equipped with SmartBoards.  Upper graders also regularly use Chromebooks as part of their educational experience.

St. John's Lutheran School is currently accredited with exemplary status from the Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation (WRISA) and the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod School Accreditation (WELSSA).

Wellness Policy
At St. John's, we encourage faculty and student wellness by: 
  • Promoting physical activity
  • Promoting nutritionally balanced food and beverage choices during the school day and assist children in making healthy choices
  • Helping establish interests in physical activity that will last into adulthood
  • Providing all teachers with educational tools to teach, encourage, and support healthy eating and physical activity in their students. Nutrition education will be incorporated into daily lessons across all grade levels
  • Implementing activities and policies that support personal efforts by school staff to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle