Megan Bauer

Serving St. John's since July 2020
Teaches 4th Grade


  • Bachelor of Science in Education - Martin Luther College, New Ulm, Minnesota

Goals and Philosophy:

  • To instruct Jesus' little lambs in the truths of God's Word so that, through the work of the Holy Spirit, they may grow in their faith every day and lovingly share their faith with others.
  • To equip my students with the skills and tools they need so that they may excel academically and grow in their love for learning.
  • To serve the families of St. John's to the best of my abilities as we work together to nurture in their children an attitude of loving service to our Lord and to others.
Vision for the Future:

I pray that I am a faithful witness for Christ, growing in my faith and serving him and my students with love, doing all things for the glory of God.
Work towards receiving my Wisconsin State Teaching License through continuing eduation.

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