Service and Fellowship Information
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To help us better serve you and give you an opportunity to better know and serve others, please mark any areas below that are of interest to you. Please note that you are not "signing up" for anything but just indicating general areas where, at some point, you may have the opportunity to be served by or be of service to St. John's
 Singing in a choir
 Playing in a handbell choir
 Playing an instrument (please specify below)
 Ushering at 8:00 services
 Ushering at 10:30 services
 Greeting before 8:00 services
 Greeting before 10:30 services
 Recording 8:00 services
 Recording 10:30 services
 Helping in our nursery
 Helping with altar care
(if applicable) Instrument(s) played
Nurture and Fellowship
 Volunteer recruiting
 Making phone calls from a list
 Being part of a small group Bible study
 Friends in Fellowship (senior fellowship group)
 Playing or being a part of a softball team
 Playing or being a part of a basketball team
 Playing or being a part of a volleyball team
 Being a part of a running community
Outreach and Evangelism
 Distributing invitations to the neighborhood
 Being a pen-pal as part of our Synod prison ministry
 Assisting with our Chinese Ministry
Education and Youth
 Teaching/assisting with Sunday School
 Working with youth/teen ministries
 Teaching Chinese Sunday School (in English)
 Assisting St. John's elementary school teachers
 Making copies for teachers
 Laminating school projects
 Cutting things out for school projects
 Making/hanging bulletin boards and displays
 Working with special needs students
 Serving as a school library assistant
 Repairing classroom library books
 Leading/assisting with Lutheran Girl Pioneers
 Leading/assisting with Boy Crusaders (similar to Lutheran Boy Pioneers)
 Helping prepare/serve hot lunch
 Helping coach a sport (please specify below)
 Helping at school sporting events (concessions, scorer's table, admissions, etc.)
 Making costumes, props, and sets for school plays
 Helping with Forensics (coach, judge, etc.)
 Helping with Miller Park/State Fair concessions
 Helping decorate school/childcare for Christmas
 Sharing career choices with students
(if applicable) Sports interested in coaching
Service to Others
 Assisting the elderly
 Providing rides for people
 Helping with clerical or administrative work
 Assisting with computer support (IT)
 Bulletin stapling
 Bulletin stuffing
 Helping maintain our church library
 Providing food for special events
 Helping with fellowship meals
 Helping set up facilities for special events
 Providing financial support in emergencies
Serving on a Board or Committee
 Board of Discipleship
 Board of Education
 Board of Elders
 Board of Finance
 Board of Outreach
 Board of Properties
 Board of Stewardship
 Executive Board
Facilities and Grounds
 Doing general maintenance work
 Doing general yard work
 Lawn mowing
 Being part of a snow removal crew
Personal Gifts and Interests: Do you have professional skills, hobbies, or other area(s) of expertise you would be willing to share with the congregation should the need arise?
 Graphic arts
 Trades/Other (please specify below)
(if applicable) Trades and/or Other areas of expertise
Do you speak or write another language(s)? If so, which one(s)?