Tuition Registration
Please complete the questionnaire, below, and provide an email for contact by the tuition coordinator.*
Please list student name(s) and grade(s):
Example: John Doe (2), Jane Doe (K3)*
Family Status*
 St. John's Member
If Non-member, please provide name of home congregation:
Books ordered through school are tax-exempt. Delivery of items will be made to the students' classrooms prior to the first day of school.
Check any items you wish to order through school:
 Catechism: Grades 7-8 ($20.00)
 Bible: Grades 2-8 ($10.00)
 Hymnal: Grades 1-8 ($22.50)
Please give details for book order - quantities needed and which student for each item.
Example: John (1 Bible), Jane (1 hymnal)
Teacher Gifts (optional):
Please indicate the amount (if any) you would like to contribute for the class gifts to the teachers. Class gifts are given for birthdays and Christmas.
Hot Lunch Payments (optional)
For your convenience, we have made available an on-line request form to make EFT payments into your family hot lunch account.
The cost of lunches is $3.25 /lunch + $1.00 for an extra entree
Please indicate the initial amount (if any) you would like to apply to this school year's family hot lunch account:
Lutheran Girl Pioneers (optional)
Grades 1 - 8
 Registration Fee ($30.00)
Lau / Tuition Assistance Donation (optional):
Please indicate the tax-deductible amount (if any) you would like to donate to the fund established to assist members with financial aid for tuition.
Payment Schedules
Full and first semester payments are due AUG 5. The second semester payment is due JAN 15. All monthly payments are due by the 30th of each month.
Please indicate your preferred payment schedule from the list, below:*
 In Full:  AUG  (1 payment)
 By Semester:  AUG + JAN  (2 payments)
 Monthly:  AUG-MAY (10 payments)
 Bi-monthly10: AUG-MAY (20 payments)
Payment Method
The recommended method of payment is Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). Payments can be drawn from either a checking or savings account. Please indicate your preferred method of payment:*
 EFT (recommended)  New Account
 EFT (recommended)  Account on File
 Check/Cash (payable to St John's Lutheran School)
For the recommended EFT payments, which day of the month do you choose for the withdrawal? (Whichever day works best around paychecks/other expenses)
Example: 5th (for monthly option), or 1st+15th (for bi-monthly option).
Enter any questions/comments here: